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Repair - How much will it cost? - Exceptions
We are so confident in our repairs that we guarantee that not only will your Brailler be free from defects for 1 year, but you will also find it hard to tell the difference between it and a new one.
If for any reason you are not satisfied with the operation of your Brailler, send it back within a year and we will fix it. No questions asked and no charge for parts or labor. Of course, if the damage includes parts that are listed in the exceptions to policy, then a charge for parts will be assessed.
Frequently asked Questions concerning repairs!
How and where can I get it repaired?
How much will it cost?
What kind of equipment can be repaired?
Can I repair my brailler myself?
How does a brailler get repaired
SpacerWe offer a flat rate price of $97.50 US Dollars for the repair of a brailler, which includes parts, labor, warranty, and shipping via US FREE MATTER. Of course, there are a few exceptions to this policy, but in every case where the repair cost will be higher than the flat rate, we will contact you with a new estimate and not continue work, until you authorize the new repair costs. If you decide not to have the equipment repaired, your initial payment will be refunded in full.
SpacerRemember that this repair price includes our 1-YEAR HASSLE-FREE GUARANTEE on the entire brailler. If any problem should develop in the year just return the brailler to us and we will repair it for free, and ship it back to you via US FREE MATTER.
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