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Welcome to the Braillery

Welcome to The Braillery. We have specialized in the repair and refurbishment of braillers for the Visually Challenged community around the globe since 1992! Whether you have a single brailler or a classroom full, we can handle the job.
All of our repairs include a complete overhaul of your brailler, an unbeatable 1-year guarantee, and for a limited time, a free paint job, all at a flat rate price of $97.50.

Why should you choose The Braillery for your Brailler repair?

1) For a limited time we will be offering a FREE paint job with every brailler repair.
2) Our 1-YEAR HASSLE-FREE GUARANTEE. If anything goes wrong with your Brailler within a year of our repair, we will repair it again, no charge, no questions asked.
3) Our guaranteed flat rate price of $97.50 US Dollars for the repair of most braillers, which includes parts, labor, and warranty.
4) We have been repairing Braillers longer than most others, since 1992.
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About Us
Established in 1992, the Braillery has repaired over 2400 braillers and other mechanical and electronic devices. Schools, governmental agencies, and individuals have all benefited from our attention to detail and our pride in craftsmanship. The tradition continues with the implementation of our new web site dedicated to the repair needs of those we serve.
Most of the repairs we do are under our guaranteed flat rate price. Our offices and repair center are located in the heart of
El Paso, Texas.
We have a small, but efficient, staff that are dedicated to the repair of your equipment.
Whether it is one brailler or hundreds, we will clean, repair, test, warranty, and return your equipment promptly and in a condition that compares to a new machine, but at a fraction of the cost.
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Meet the staff: Robert Simon is the founder of The Braillery. He is an acid wit and does his best to keep everyone on their toes. In addition to running The Braillery he is a master clock maker and has served as a scientific and technical consultant in many fields and operated one of the largest testing labs in the Southwest.
David W. Braun, our chief brailler repair technician. We brought him in from the streets to give him a trade and some dignity. We are still working on it. Just kidding. David is an almost native El Pasoan who hails from Minnesota originally. David's three favorite hobbies include bouncing his guts out on desert terrain in his customized CJ-5, looking at his CJ-5 and sleeping in his CJ-5. A CJ-5 is a Chrysler Jeep, an all terrain vehicle.
And where would we be without Nellie, also known as, "Monkey Poo". She is a spider monkey and our backup brailler repair technician. She taught David everything he knows. Her favorite pastimes include shredding Kleenex boxes, eating anything she can pry the lid off of and gnawing on everyone's ankles. She sits close at hand during Brailler repairs to make sure that everything is to her satisfaction.
Could be you! Currently we are hiring techs to assist in the repair and refurbishment of Braillers. The right person must, above all, live in El Paso, TX or be willing to relocate there. Next a willingness to learn, dedication and a sense of pride in your workmanship. Finally being mechanically inclined is a plus. Also tech positions for electrical and electronic fields are available. We will train the right person. Ask about the training and education program for Visually Challenged individuals. For more info Contact Us
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Contact Us
We are located in El Paso, Texas, but serve all 50 U.S. states, U.S. territories and Internationally from Antarctica to Zimbabwe.
Please feel free to inquire or give us your comments. 

Telephone: (915) 565-0179
FAX: (915) 566-4451

Mailing Address:
The Braillery
5 Cumberland Circle
El Paso, TX 79903-1911

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Braillers are a pretty dependable product. They can take a lot of abuse, but then eventually they begin to fail.
Nothing is worse than sitting down to a typing session and then afterwards discovering that the paper misfed or the bumps aren't deep enough.
And then worse than that... and where can you get it repaired? much will it cost?
...does anyone still repair this old thing?
All good questions, and we answer them right here, right now!
Just follow the Links below.

Below are the following repair related links:
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How and where can I get it repaired?
How much will it cost?
What kind of equipment can be repaired?
Can I repair my brailler myself?
How does a brailler get repaired

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Repair - How and where can I get it repaired?
The Braillery is one of the few places in the entire world where you can get your braillers repaired! And is the only place you'll want to send it!
The first thing you need to do is package it up for shipping, to avoid damage you should use the original packing box or use another box that allows for a comfortable fit and packing materials.
Next, unless otherwise arranged, you need to enclose your Flat Rate payment of $97.50 US Dollars in a check or money order. Contact Us for credit card payments, bulk rates, or billing arrangements. If the Brailler or other equipment is non-repairable then you will receive a full refund. It is also helpful to send a description of the problem, although it is not necessary, since we totally refurbish every brailler and put them though extensive testing before and after repairs. Put it all together and send it to this address: 

The Braillery
5 Cumberland Circle
El Paso, TX 79903-1911
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Repair - Shipping via US FREE MATTER
US Postal Service offers free, low priority shipping for Visually Challenged individuals For more info on this service ask you local postmaster or read this excerpt from their web page.Other options for return shipment do exist, but are only available upon written request and when paid for in advance. These options include:
Insurance on the shipment
Certification for tracking purposes
National parcel services; UPS or Fed Ex

We are so confident in our repairs that we guarantee that not only will your Brailler be free from defects for 1 year, but you will also find it hard to tell the difference between it and a new one. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the operation of your Brailler, send it back within a year and we will fix it. No questions asked and no charge for parts or labor. Of course, if the damage includes parts that are listed in the exceptions to policy, then a charge for parts will be assessed.
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Repair - How much will it cost?
We offer a flat rate price of $97.50 US Dollars for the repair of a brailler, which includes parts, labor, warranty, and shipping via US FREE MATTER. Of course, there are a few exceptions to this policy, but in every case where the repair cost will be higher than the flat rate, we will contact you with a new estimate and not continue work, until you authorize the new repair costs. If you decide not to have the equipment repaired, your initial payment will be refunded in full.
SpacerRemember that this repair price includes our 1-YEAR HASSLE-FREE GUARANTEE on the entire brailler. If any problem should develop in the year just return the brailler to us and we will repair it for free, and ship it back to you via US FREE MATTER.
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Repair - Flat Rate Prices - Exceptions
Exceptions to the Flat Rate policy. Damages of these type will cause an increase in parts or labor cost or may make the machine un-repairable.
Broken case plates
Split or cracked rubber feed roller. (feed roller needs to be replaced)
Badly damaged paper drum (drum needs to be replaced, cannot be repaired)
Many missing parts. Electric braillers

Repair - What kind of equipment can be repaired?
We can repair: Perkins - Smith-Corona - Lavender - Hall - Banks - Picht - Mini-Picht - Erica Stainsby - Marburg. Although, The Braillery specializes in the repair of Perkins Braillers, we can repair any make and model brailler along with many other types of devices electric, electronic, or gear driven. If the parts are obsolete or un-orderable, we can manufacture a replica of the broken part right in our shop.
Don't throw away your old obsolete brailler, we can repair it or buy it from you. With our unique Flat Rate charge just about any old brailler is worth the repair. If you want to know if we can fix something unique, send it in for a free estimate or Contact Us directly.
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Repair - Can I repair my brailler myself?
YES and NO!
Yes, it is possible that a good soaking with a spray lubricant could fix some of your problems, since most of the problems that braillers have, are directly related to dirt grease and grime that have built up.
No, We do not recommend attempting to open or repair it on your own without training or an Authorized Repair Kit. The technicians, at The Braillery, are trained in every aspect of repair and taught how to repair many different types of braillers from standard to foreign or obsolete and from manual to electric. Their skills are constantly being honed and developed by new and unique situations that arrive on a daily basis. Special training is available for visually challenged individuals as well as sighted ones and an Authorized Repair Kit for minor home repair is being developed. Contact Us for more info. 

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Repair - How does a brailler get repaired?
This is what we do, when you send a brailler for repair.
1. The brailler is taken apart and placed in a special vat of cleaning solvent. This will dissolve all the old grease and oil and allow the dirt and grime to be released. The brailler is flushed in solvent until it is completely clean and no dirt or oil and grease remain.
2. After the vat solvent cleaning, the brailler is placed in a special drying oven that will force clean dry heated air over and through all parts until they are completely dry.
3. The clean brailler (and parts) are now taken to the repair bench where the brailler is carefully inspected to determine what is wrong with it and what needs to be done to repair the problem. If any parts or assemblies are determined to be defective, they are repaired or replaced. The Braillery carries a complete stock of parts for Perkins Braillers and only factory parts are used on the Perkins brailler. For other braillers, which are no longer in production, we have an extensive machine shop to fabricate or repair the necessary parts for these braillers.
4. Now the necessary repairs are made and the brailler is reassembled, lubricated and rust preventative applied. The reassembled brailler is now adjusted and set to correct tolerances to produce the highest quality of braille embossing possible. Here too, we adjust the machine for easy and light key action.
5. The brailler is now given several tests to check and make sure all the parts of the machine are working correctly and that all repairs and adjustments are correct, nothing is overlooked. A special vibration test is done to determine if any problems might be brought about by rough handling during shipping.
6. The finished brailler is now ready for packing and shipping.
7. Your brailler is shipped and the warranty information is logged.

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Starting October 15, 2002, we will be offering a FREE paint job with every brailler repair.

Each brailler will receive the classic dark gray hammer tone finish in high quality enamel paint.

For those of you whose braillers are working fine, you can have the same paint job for $50.00 . So why not get out those old braillers that look too bad to put in service and make them look like new again.

Anyway you look at it this is a great deal.

Offer ends January 15, 2003.
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Cool Links

If you know of some links, such as personal or business web sights belonging to visually challenged individuals, or links that you find helpful, but are not readily found on other sites, please Contact Us.

Hot Braille: is the leading provider of web-based communication tools for the visually impaired, their friends and family. Here you can send Braille letters, learn the Braille alphabet, meet new people, and connect with over 16,000 other HotBraille members.
The Braille Bug: American Foundation for the Blind (AFB) Braille Bug features a kids' center that teaches sighted children grades 3 through 6 about braille, and encourages literacy among sighted and visually impaired children in a fun environment packed with facts, information, games, graphics, and activities.
Access 20/20: Practical and Innovative Braille Services & products for use at School, work and Home.

Neo-Paws: Do you want to protect your dog the way he/she protects you. Neo-Paws offers an excellent line of products that you should check out for the protection of your pets. From boots to vests they have it all. For people who love their pets.

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